About Lideres


The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Líderes Initiative is a national program created to increase opportunities for Latin@ Youth that will maximize their influence as leaders in the United States. Through a wide range of leadership development and civic engagement efforts we empower, equip, and enable young Latin@s to pursue positions of leadership and serve as agents of positive change in their communities.


We aim to support and nurture young Latin@ leadership across all sectors of society. We seek to develop future generations of civically-minded professionals, corporate executives, public officials, and community leaders who will promote social justice at local and national levels.

About the Líderes Approach

Nearly half of all Latin@s in the United States are under the age of 25. Through the Líderes Initiative, NCLR is tapping into this vibrant source of leadership, proactively nurturing and developing the potential of young Latinos in this country.

NCLR Líderes supports hundreds of local and community-based programs, as well as campus-based student organizations that build the skills of Latin@ youth and increase their leadership capacity. Moreover, the Líderes Network operates at a national level to link student groups and youth programs in 39 states. Currently, our network serves more than 600 groups by providing them with a wealth of information, resources, and networking opportunities.

Developing Leadership, Facilitating Resources, Building Coalitions

The Líderes Initiative provides students with information they need to organize, educate, and foster leadership in their communities. Via the Líderes website, all Líderes network members have access to a wealth of resources to help them in this effort.

The Annual Lideres Summit

A core pillar of the Líderes Initiative, the Summit provides an exciting and challenging leadership experience for young people. A component of the NCLR Annual Conference, the Summit brings together close to 500 high school and college students, youth leaders, and young professionals (ages 14-26) from throughout the country.

The Líderes Summit provides a safe space for young people to share their ideas, experiences, and concerns. Conference activities build young leaders, challenging them to think through tough issues affecting the Latino community, and teaching youth how to work in coalitions. Moreover, through a roster of educational workshops, students are exposed to best practices in range of issue areas and how to found innovative programs in their home communities. Lastly, the Líderes Summit incorporates many NCLR Annual Conference events, allowing youth to partake in an invaluable networking experience.