Carolina Gamero’s passion for social justice began because of one sociology professor during her sophomore year at college. Nearly two years later, she is preparing to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a concentration in Law and Society at the University of California, San Diego, where the warm weather and bubbly shores mimic Carolina’s sunny and inviting personality. She absolutely loves engaging with people, whether it is leading undergraduate Literature discussion groups, organizing after-school activities for students in K-5th grade, or even working with professionals in the legal field to assist underrepresented people in the Los Angeles area.

Most recently, Carolina completed a 3-month internship in Washington DC, at the Embassy of Peru, where she not only brushed up on her Spanish, but also immersed herself in the politics and diverse lifestyle of the East Coast. Her experience has rejuvenated her commitment to the Latino community, and she hopes to use this position as a YAC member for Líderes to help others attain their own sueños.